Registering Paypal Account

It's easy - all it takes is a few simple steps!

  1. Click 'Sign Up' when you go to and choose your account type. There are three types of account - choose one that suits you best.
    • Personal: For individuals who shop and pay online
    • Premier: For individuals who sells and wants to get paid online
    • Business: For merchants who operate under a company/group name
  2. Enter your account information securely and then either choose your payment method or link and confirm your credit card.
    • For Personal account, choose your payment method.
      Choose either bank top-up or credit card to use with your PayPal account. We recommend credit card as it automatically raises the preset limit for sending payments from your PayPal account.
    • For Premier/Business account, link and confirm your credit card.
      We recommend that you add and confirm your credit card at sign-up - this gives additional security and increases the preset sending and withdrawal limits on your PayPal account.

      Important notes:

      If you choose not to link and confirm your credit card, you will have limited account capability including:
      • Low monthly sending limits.
      • Low monthly withdrawal limits.
      • No capability to sell internationally on eBay. 

  3. Confirm your email address to activate your account.
When you signup for PayPal, you can start accepting credit card payments instantly. As the world's number one online payment service, PayPal is the fastest way to open your doors to over 230 million member accounts worldwide. Best of all, it's completely free to sign up! To sign up or learn more, click here.


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